Closet - Concept to Finish

Remember when downtown Memphis was not somewhere you ventured? This project was such fun because this cool couple dove right into being a part of bringing life back to South Main in downtown Memphis!

They bought an old building on a busy corner.  Their business is on the bottom level and upstairs they turned the open space into an apartment outfitted for a family of four!

We took the space that was an existing wire shelf master closet and designed the space around the needs of the couple. Thankfully they are tall so we were able to use all the "air space!"

Here is a little before and during:

This was a tricky space because we had the old industrial elements of the building that gave it integrity and we had a husband bent towards modern and a wife who loves the softer more traditional elements of style!

After taking inventory and fully accessing the purposes of the closet the concepts turned into a fully customized and personal closet design for a busy couple.

One of our custom carpenters, Rusty Fly, paid special attention to the details and did some serious problem solving with an uneven floor!

The family was excited to have the extra ceiling space all the way around for family storage! When you have a family and live in a loft downtown you still need a place to store your beach toys!

Hope you are as jealous for this custom closet as we are!  

The boxed Jordan's should not go unnoticed! They were a high priority placement for this gym owner! Go check out Klein Fitness if you are in the downtown area! 

Photo credits to Anna Fly.