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The approach is simple.

We all need spaces that restore us yet motivate us—an office that enables our best work, a kitchen enticing us to prepare the next meal, a closet inspiring us for the day ahead. The Trazo approach takes time to understand what that means for you. We want to sit with you, get to know you, learn how your space is or isn’t working for you, and what your dreams and visions are for the area. By blending elements of both organization and style, we develop systems and design spaces that enhance the life you live.

If you are dreaming about a new space, or re-inventing the one you already have, thinking about a move or need a new approach to how you operate and execute tasks within existing spaces, contact us to set up a consultation and our team can begin cultivating a plan specific to establish your space.



Clare has been putting things in their places ever since she can remember. Her love for blending organization and aesthetics was realized over stray batteries, masking tape and a sharpie.

Clare, short for Clarance (named after her great grandmother), was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. After college, marriage, moving and before babies, she founded Simplanize and launched her organizational design career.

While collaborating with Nashville’s Premiere Design Closets, she worked with some of Nashville’s biggest stars and helped turn their homes into ‘work mules.’ She gained valuable experience while designing stunning closets, pantries, garages and more.

Just as Clare was about to launch a major marketing campaign and devote herself to full-time organizational design, the Lord called her family of five to Central America. Six years on the mission field serving the country and people of Panama (while adding a set of twins to the mix!) proved to only grow Clare’s passion for creating functional and harmonious spaces. 

After observing how people in a different part of the world live and work in their spaces, Clare shaped her approach to organization and design by using a more mindful methodology. Trazo is the result of this method. Clare fused her experiences in Nashville and Panama and brought this new design philosophy home to Memphis. 

With Trazo, it’s her mission to create spaces that are balanced, intentional and polished.